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Why Choose Us

Good lawyers know the law; great lawyers know the law and understand their client’s business. We offer legal services in the cryptocurrency space because it is the business we know and the business we love. We believe that we are in the early stages of the greatest revolution since the internet was created. Let’s build something revolutionary together.

Our principal attorney, has a keen interest in discovering and working with innovative people and companies. Since learning of cryptocurrencies in 2014, he has refined his legal practice and focuses on providing services to the crypto community. He is selective with the work he takes on, treating each mandate not only as a legal advisor, but a full-fledged business partner. His background in business valuation and trading equity options enables him to tackle challenges with a broad perspective, rendering the best possible advice to clients.


Structuring Venture

After understanding your project and specific needs, we will design and implement the optimal legal structure in the appropriate jurisdiction. We will draft the required agreements and file all documents on your behalf.

ICO Advisory

We will work with you to understand your capital raising requirements and determine the best method to achieve your goals (for example, SAFT, private sale, public ICO, crowdfunding etc.) and draft the necessary documents. We will audit your white paper to ensure you’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s.

Regulatory and Exchange Compliance

We will work with regulators and security commissions for all ongoing compliance and reporting concerns, ensuring that you are respecting all applicable laws. We will act as your liaison with various coin exchanges to assist with listing and ongoing compliance to maintain listing.

General Counsel

After raising capital and developing your idea, legal issues may arise along your path. We will work with you to tackle your on-going legal issues and help you adapt to new developments in the crypto space.

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